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Its usually after that do they truly find what they want.Another factor that plays into you women getting heartbroken is the maturity of the man that you are with.The month of him acting different he did let me know that he did not think I wanted him.. Men are men and need your love and attention, I have had moments that I am stressed about family, and work.I had been preoccupied with a lot of family and work related issues that had me very stressed. Your thoughts on what may have led to this out of relationship affair. I get distracted easily and he is so patient with me but I know deep down I need to work on this to keep him happy and I NEVER take him for granted. Love always needs to be constantly tended to or it will fade. I love my Taurus man so so much, he is wonderful, so loyal, would do absolutely anything for me, showers me with attention, loves to cuddle, he is thoughtful, and most of all I trust him unconditionally.The more that i am around her the more i realize that she is the one for me.If we crossed the line in the past then I know that it would have ended in a broken heart for her.

For most taurus men they get married at an early age to disastrous results.

I am a leo girl and I know leo and taurus is supposed to be hard in the beginning. He's observing how you interact with other people..carry yourself. I also read about Taurus, you have to let him chase you. :( I am a taurus man and I have been married for almost nine years. I can understand what everyone is saying when they say that a taurus man is more likely to stay in a bad marriage and cheat vs. Its a very very hard thing for me to imagine leaving someone that at one point I pledged my heart to Especially when we have two kids ourselves.

However, it wasn't hard for me with my ex taurus nor this taurus .. Loud, vulgar, disrespectful, and cheap women turn him off. The thought of you flirting with another man will drive him nuts. Persistence and patience are the two key factors to attract a Taurus man. If he knows that he aleady has you then you are doomed! when I am with him, ya, he makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world, pay all the attention to me. The one these other people are not saying is that when a taurus has made his mind up and is set on his next move there is not an army in the world that can change it.

This is why we over-assess every one we come in contact with.

Our stubborn and resilient nature prevents us from letting go and admitting we made a mistake. I thought I was in a good relationship with my taurus partner of over two years.What step can I take to go back the he chasing me stage? these men talk about love, but if they really loved anyone they would not start new relationships , whilst they are married..